Suffering Jaysus, she puts down the phone and finally blogs again!!!

Lots has been happening in 2013.  In short, I broke my finger and lost almost 3 months of working time, I (Slightly) broke my foot closer to Christmas, which was not as debilitating but it’s still not the best and best of all, I fellin love with a wonderful woman.  Better yet, she fell in love with me too  :D

Anyway between all of that, blogging went by the wayside but not any more!  The blog must go on and go on it will!    At least once a week, if not more and I will cover a bit of fashion, some make up stuff and some lifestyle stuff as well, none of which will be too in depth.  Not all of it will be relevant to everybody but as it will be relevant to me, I hope you can take the time to take it in, and maybe even feedback to me about it all and what you think.

Keep the eye open and brace yourselves for my word based selfies!



Jesus, it’s been ages since I updated here! Been busy doing bits and bobs and recently I finished a make up course so I guess I’m sorta kinda a half way there MUA!

Anyway, I’m going go have to buck up on the blah posts so watch this space and spread the word!

The world as we know it.

At the weekend, I went out to a club which is aimed at TV’s.  A nice venue it was too; clean and roomy and airy, the sort of place your granny would approve of.   Apart from the trannies, of course.

However, the real world outside was a tad different at 4:30AM.   Bunches of laddish girls and laddisher lads were wandering dear Harcourt Street is various states of being drunk out their heads; it made my 8 pints of cider altogether more sobering.  Some opted for take away food to fortify themselves but in cases it was too little too late; one chap even had to leave his food behind in order to vomit out a few rounds.  Other bunches were too drunk to notice while a few were determined to try and stop passing taxis with the stand in the road and act the maggot technique; none of them hired said cabs.  And let it be said, this was a dead Saturday night in town.  As somebody who worked in venues for years, I have seen way way worse.

Every so often, we will hear calls of revamping of the alcohol laws here, of clubs and pubs needing to be opening later just like they do in such a city.  At the same time, there are those who want more draconian and harsher laws to those that we currently have.   I can see both sides of the coin here.   It’s maddening when you want a 12AM pint of a Wednesday yet others can’t be trusted with a drink at all; a provincial paper’s court reports will show us some of the aftermath of this.

In short, people need to be aware that we all don’t appreciate what is there nor can we be assumed to treat with with thanks and respect.   The minorities and fringe members of society dictate what we can’t do in many ways; drink culture is a prime example of this at play.  Those who want Dublin to have later bars and disco’s are rarely the ones to clean up after the mess; those who don’t want them don’t or won’t use them in any case.  

Both parties need to impress to the other that what they both want won’t go a begging.  Once it’s not the free WIFI bar in the Meteor Ad ;-)